Exposure 2016

joe-hesfordJoe Hesford

I’m twenty two and I have a particular interest in music, both playing and listening. As my third year at Uni is coming to an end I’ve noticed my desire to leave and enter the job sphere grow, which is lucky I suppose but it seems to have all coincided pretty conveniently. My plan, once finished, is to move to London, get a job to pay the bills and tie in some work where I can with some community stations.


Joel Shelton

I’m a football fanatic and all-round sport nut. I want to work in sports based radio. You’ll find me enjoying myself on Exposure Radio. I’m also looking forward to the summer, getting a job in the real world as well as going to the European Championships in France.

Luke Potter

Between 2011/2013 I managed Radio Bronglais, the oldest hospital radio station in the UK. I am nearing the end of my final year and am looking forward to exploring opportunities in the broadcasting industry. In my spare time I also enjoy writing and gaming.


Bethan Petty