Introducing the class of 2017

Exposure RADIO is back for the final time. New team, (six blokes producing the content this year), new challenge, same ethos – USW focused but accessible to all. There’s bound to be something of interest – as always, we’re keeping you covered!

We’re broadcasting live from the Atrium in Cardiff for a fortnight from Monday February 27 to Friday March 10. You can join us on weekdays from 10am to 4pm.

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Introducing the class of 2017 …


Liam Jones

Name: Liam Jones
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Swansea but emigrated across the Loughor bridge to Llanelli shortly after..
Five favourite things:  Firstly music – I love all genres of music from pop, indie and even classical would you believe! I’ve always been a fan of bands such as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the Fratellis and Arctic Monkeys. Closer to home I’m a big fan of a local band from Llanelli called Cut Ribbons, they have a good mixture of fizzy pop and rock vibes. I’m also a big aviation enthusiast and have been very lucky to attend Farnborough airshow, twice being wowed by the deafening noise of the Avro Vulcan and the grand scale of the A380! Speaking of aviation, I also love to travel and explore different cultures. So far I’ve been to New York, LA, San Fransisco, Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona to name just a few. On my do to list to visit after university is Yogyakarta in Indonesia, Dubai, Thailand, China and Australia. Away from travel I’ve recently taken an interest in buying vinyl records, although an expensive hobby I just can’t get enough of that mahogany rich sound! And thanks to colleagues at work my final one.. it’s got to be my interest in motor racing, back in my younger days I was obsessed with Gran Turismo, F1 and motor sports in general. The numerous occasions of motor racing with work colleagues has refueled (if you pardon the pun!) my interest and passion in the sport.
Career aspirations: I have a few aspirations, the first one is a bit ambitious but I would love to eventually become a producer in either factual/light programmes or personality based shows on either BBC Radio 1 or Radio 2. After some experience of producing in the industry under my belt I also have desires of setting up an independent production company and talent agency, representing voice over artists in digital campaigns, station imaging and adverts etc. The hope is also to produce various strands of programmes for BBC, Amazon and Audible…but that’s an untouchable dream at the moment. I’ve also recently been learning the craft of creating innovative trails and imaging which is something I would really love to pursue professionally!
Where will I be in five years time? I would really like to see myself in a researcher post at the BBC or at an indie production company working on programmes for either Radio Wales, Radio 1 or Radio 2. Either that or working towards setting up my own business.


Tom Cutler

Name: Tom Cutler
Place of Birth: Chester
Five favourite things: Musicals, Voice acting, Gym, Gaming, Cats
Career aspirations: To be a successful voice over artist and to voice video games, cartoons and Manga.
Where will I be in 5 years?: I hope to have a prosperous career and I really hope to have voiced characters in Manga, Anime, Cartoons and video games.


Chris Gadsby

Name: Chris Gadsby
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England
Five favourite things: Can I have sport, sport, sport, sport and sport?! Seriously though, my favourite thing is ice hockey by quite a margin and then followed by football. Away from sport I’m a model railway enthusiast but at university I don’t get an opportunity to fully explore that. Apart from that it sounds very cheesy and soppy but being able to spend time with loved ones as whilst at university is something I don’t get to do anywhere near enough of. The final one is a tricky one but I quite enjoy being outside (so long as it isn’t raining), I spend a lot of time outdoors when I’m at home playing golf or walking and when it’s good weather it is very enjoyable!
Career aspirations: Career wise I have a few aspirations but they are all headed up by my desire to commentate at Olympics and World Cups in the future. As a sports commentator that would be the ultimate aim, however in the short term getting a job in the sports industry and covering sport for a broadcaster would be a dream.
Where will I be in five years time?: As I have already covered my career aspirations in the previous question I’ll put a more personal spin on this one. In five years time I will be 26 and hopefully would have my own place in a stable job and be looking forward to the future of a potential family, but right now I’m focusing fully on trying to break into the industry!


Kieran Lacey

Name: Kieran Lacey
Age: 21, turning 22 two days into Exposure
Place of birth: Oxford
Five favourite things: Nerdy films- I love all things Marvel and superhero film related. I have been a comic book fan since a young age and to see my favourite characters coming to life has been amazing the last few years.
Rock music- My love of rock music started early in life when I was introduced to bands like Queen and Bon Jovi. It evolved when I started to listen to modern rock music around aged 12 with bands like Paramore, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy. Nowadays my listening consists of rock bands spanning from the last 5 decades, but is mainly dominated by bands such as Halocene and Against the Current.
Oxford United FC- I was brought up in a family of mostly sport haters, however my Grampy was a huge fan of Oxford United. When my love for football started at age 4, Oxford United became my team too, and has been ever since.
Pokemon- I am a huge fan of video games. And one of the first video games I ever played was Pokemon Yellow in 1998 at age 3. I became obsessed with the series and have owned every main series and most side games since. I have entered competitive tournaments in both the video game and the trading card game, and have a trading card collection worth thousands of pounds.
The Lord of the Rings- My all-time favourite series of films. As a film nerd I can enjoy a film in one of two ways; a film that’s fun and enjoyable to watch, most likely a bit nerdy, such as the Marvel movies, or a film that’s very well made with fantastic cinematography, acting and filmmaking, such as Tokyo Story. The Lord of the Rings trilogy for me combines both of those aspects of film I love, being both incredibly nerdy, and fantastic filmmaking.
Career aspirations: My aspiration is to be a presenter on the radio, preferably in either a music show focused around rock music, or as a part of a film review show. Music and film are two of my greatest loves, and to be able to combine one of them with my other great love, presenting on the radio would be the perfect career path for me.
Where will you be in five years’ time?: Hopefully working in a radio presenting role, or working my way up through the ranks at BBC Radio 1 or 6 Music. Alternatively I would be very happy to be a part of some kind of film publication doing reviews and/or journalism.


Name: Alec Evans
Age: 21
Place of Birth: Aberystwyth
Five favourite things: My first favourite thing has to be music, and I don’t just mean one genre, I love loads of genres of music. It goes from an Il Divo ballad, to a heavy Metallica anthem, to a 126bpm House track when I’m bopping away behind the decks. Oh yes I’m also a club DJ. Second has to be the gym, you’ll often find me down the gym lifting weight and trying to stay in shape. Third is none other that playing FIFA on the xbox, it’s the only game I play on the xbox or on any device for that matter, so I’m always wondering if its worth even having an xbox. But it definitely is because FIFA is the greatest thing since sliced bread. One of my favourite memories is wheat I was in boarding school, it was a rugby college, so my fourth favourite thing has to be rugby. In my spare time, I like to listen to house and techno podcasts, so at number five it had to be chilling in my bedroom listening to house DJ Seff’s Mindcast podcast.
Career aspirations: Being a house and techno DJ, my main aspiration in life is to take Pete Tongs’ Job at BBC Radio 1. It would be a dream to interview and get to know the biggest DJs around the world.
Where will you be in five years? In five years, in an ideal world, I’d be living in London, running my own House and Techno events with a foot in the door at the BBC.


Harry Davis

Name: Harry Davis
Age: 21
Place of birth: Portsmouth
Five favourite things: Portsmouth Football Club, naval history, acoustic music, talking about sport, dogs (Pugs & Chow Chows)
Career aspirations: To work in a sport-oriented environment and not see it as a job!
Where will I be in 5 years time?: Hopefully doing what I love, talking about sport with different people no matter where I end up.